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Hire top 5% engineering talent

Spin up your engineering dream team. We help you recruit India's best software developers, designers, product managers & other talent remotely.

Meet candidates expertly interviewed and matched to you by a team of senior engineers. 

With the Right Team, Great Things Can Happen

Most people start out with the goal of creating great products but forget to focus on building the great team they need to successfully execute. Great teams are the foundation of a successful company.

Like small independent startups, they drive innovation from inside. They are productive, challenging and fun to work in. Their energy is contagious and spreads through a company. These are the teams that develop amazing products and services. They are the teams that get things done.

But creating great teams is challenging. They need a magic combination of the right people, environment and goals. That said, there are certain traits that many of the best teams share. By promoting these, you lay the ground for them to develop.

Why businesses choose us?



80% success rate in interviews

With decades of software engineering experience & building technology teams we only shortlist candidates that meet your requirements.


Fixed Fees with 30-50% Cost Savings

We charge a fix fees & keep salaries transparent. We don't make money on the spread (difference between the $/per hour & salary). As it incentivizes hiring people at lowest possible denominator.


Average tenure ~4 years

We keep our employees happy. We prioritize work-life balance, keep a positive work environment & most important we recognize & reward them for the hard work that they put in.


Time to hire: 15 - 45 Days

Tech hiring is hard & time consuming. We can quickly find lateral hires within a few weeks who can join us in a short span of time. The entire process takes about 15-45 days usually.

Transparent Financials. Greater Trust.

We don't charge per hour or flat rate. We work on a fixed fee modal with salaries being transparent to all our clients. This results in greater trust, enables hiring better talent & helps in retaining people over long term.


Trusted By 


INX Software is a globally trusted leader of fully-integrated environment, health and safety solutions driving the creation of safer, smarter and sustainable workplaces.

Our cloud-based software and mobile-capable solutions are standard across high-risk and complex operations including mining, utilities, oil & gas and government sectors, with over 300 enterprise clients and up to 1 million licensed users to date.


Kineo is a global workplace learning company that helps businesses improve performance through learning and technology. Specialists in elearning content and LMS. Over 800 organisations worldwide trust Kineo as their digital learning partner.

As a City & Guilds Group business we're part of a powerful global group, leading the way in skills development, technology and credentialing. 

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